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Let’s “spring” forward!

 Written by    March 5, 2013

First off, I’m really sorry for the corniness of the title. But, its probably the most appropriate for how I’m feeling right now. Next week is Spring Break 2013, making this officially Spring Break Eve Week!  How does one celebrate Spring Break Eve Week? Simple, by going to class and doing homework of course.

This week is almost completely different from school last week. Last week was filled with midterms, papers, and homework.  This week is definitely more chill (for me at least). Despite the lack of pressure this week feels as if its dragging slow, keeping me away from a week of relaxation. I’m looking forward to Spring Break as much as anybody else; I’ll be home for the first time since early January, and it’ll be the last time I visit my home in Houston before summer starts.  As of now I don’t have any big plans, I’ll probably spend most of my time reconnecting with old friends.

Most students look at Spring Break as a chance to have tons of fun, take a break from school, or catch up on their studies. A lot of people, especially those in college, try to take the most advantage out of the week-long break from school. Regardless of what you do, I hope you all stay safe and enjoy yourselves!

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