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 Written by    March 11, 2013

Hello and happy spring!

Well… Almost (I suppose that there are 10 more days to go). I suppose that in the 2 months since my last post, I’ve become more accustomed to semesters. Though a marathon of exams and back-to-back assessments of other sorts, I’ve grown fond of Columbus and the Ohio State campus. But, as this break is well timed and I miss my mother’s home cooking, I opted to travel back to Austin, TX to spend time with family, visit SXSW and catch up on some studying.

Every time I go back, I travel alone. Usually to get on some eerily early flight (Around 9AM), I leave home around 6 and take the COTA number 52 bus to the airport. Bumping along highway 71 and 670, the bus reaches the airport approximately 46 minutes after its arrival at the Union. Headphones in, I stare out the window of the bus and see blankets of snow pass by until the gated entrance to the terminal appears shortly ahead. I disembark and rush up the escalator to the American Airlines check-in counter, where I usually end up paying some exuberant fee for my bags, and try to make it through security as quickly as possible.

Its no wonder they’ve declared bankruptcy!


Security is always a painful process. People never quite seem to remove all metallic items from themselves and the ┬álines get backed up. As an Indian person, I’m occasionally stopped and eventually asked to continue on my way. (I’ve found that the frequency of stops may be related to the length of my beard, though TSA claims otherwise).

As I sit at my gate, usually B33, I observe the throngs of people walking by; businessmen and women clutching briefcases and toting along laptop bags, students with OSU hoodies wearing disproportionally large headsets staring at their phones and young couples where more often than not, one party seems to be conversing more deeply with some technological device than the other partner. As I watch, I realize that despite how broken or distressed or happy everyone is at the airport, the reason for coming to the airport is the same for everyone. An airport is never the place to be, it’s just a midway point between A and B.

I hate airports when I’m alone. There’s no serenity in whatever music is playing and no solace in the book I’ve chosen to read. I’d much rather be home. My home in Austin or my (not-so-new)home in Columbus. I guess it’s comforting to know that everyone else must feel the same.

In any case, I’ve arrived safely in Austin now and will be eating delicious food, sampling some local Tex-Mex, going to a few concerts and studying (at least a little bit). When I come back to Columbus I want to discover some more of the campus so I’ve decided that each week I’ll be writing about something unique to Columbus or the OSU experience.

Before spring break ends, my roommate and I will be cowriting a post on some of our favorite restaurants around campus. Next week, I’ll be posting about some landmarks of OSU campus, and eventually there’ll be a post rating every bathroom and parkbench on OSU campus.

Until next time, take care and enjoy your break (or whatever else you’re up to)!



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