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Ingredients for Absence

 Written by    March 14, 2013

I have been absent from blogging for a lot longer than I am okay with.

I know people don’t usually like it when people complain about how busy they are, so I’m going to make it sound as awesome as possible.

First of all, two weekends ago I went on a retreat with the Newman Center, Buckeye Awakening 8. Stephanie also went on it, and you can read her post here. I have been on the retreat last year as well, Buckeye Awakening 6, and this year I got to experience the other side. I was on staff, and felt so connected with my faith. I’m what some would call a “Jesus freak” and I’m okay with that. I’m pretty stoked about Jesus. I’ve been a practicing Catholic since I could say “jeebus” and yeah that’s how we all talked as little kids. So that was two weekends ago.

The week that followed I had 3 exams. Oh did I mention I got about 3-4 hours of sleep that weekend so I was not ready at all for these tests! But I pulled off a B+ on the exam I had Monday, so some miracle happened.

Last weekend I got to do an entire video shoot on my own. I work for CommTech, the media/television production company on College of Food, Ag, and Env Sci. (That’s on west campus for everyone who has no clue we had that stuff).

I shot footage for a huge 4-H convention in the Columbus Convention Center, and then I shot their prom that Saturday night. Well it was more of a social than a prom, I don’t know. I do as I’m told.

I am pretty official. I have Ohio State Photographer and Videographer credentials. I felt so legit. I have my own OSU press ID.

So after an 12 hour video shoot, I left home at 5:45 that Sunday morning to fly down to Florida where I spent a few days in Jacksonville with my dad, aunt and uncle. It was rad. Even though it was too cold to do a whole lot of beach activities we still managed to make the best of it.

Now I have a few days of R&R at home before heading back to campus. And by R&R, I mean deep thinking. I’m going over a lot of things in my life, and am ready for things to change. Starting with my video blogs.

If you have seen my videos on YouTube, you know what I mean. I have about 50 actual subscribers and am realizing that the times where I have actually had the most fun is when I made that music video, and other more creative videos. And we all know that those were of my best material. I know if I stick with those I can do much better. The vlogging is going to stop. Over the next few days I am going over things and deciding if I am deleting my current YouTube account and start over, or to just go on with what I have and change what I do in the future.

What do you think I should do?


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