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 Written by    March 17, 2013

Did you know that those aren’t the actual words said when they roll to shoot a film? I know this because … I WAS ON MY FIRST FILM SET THIS PAST WEEKEND. And it sounded a little differently than we’ve all been told.

It’s funny when they say that networking is everything. If I didn’t talk to the people I talked to, step outside of my comfort zone, or even keep in contact with the random people I’ve met on the fly, I would be no where. I’d probably be sitting in my old bedroom in Fort Mill, South Carolina watching movies, eating girl scout cookies, and wishing I would have done SOMETHING differently.

Oh wait … I still do that now.

REGARDLESS, no one can stress enough that networking is everything. And because I put myself out there, I met some pretty amazing people who graciously allowed me to both write the screenplay of their new short AND help with the production as the script supervisor and second assistant camera. HOW COOL?

You’re probably laughing at my enthusiasm, but laugh away. I learned more about filmmaking in these past two days than I have in my entire college career … and I’ve almost completed the Film Studies major.

It’s amazing what you can find if you just step outside and try, ESPECIALLY at THE Ohio State University. This place is so big, so advanced, and full of so many experiences that are just waiting to be … experienced! I know people that expect to happen upon something that will set them for life … but how is that supposed to happen without connecting the dots? You have to get out of bed to do this, then take this to do that, then use that to find this, then ask this for one of those … and THEN you happen upon something that will change your life as you knew it.

The whole time we were filming, I was thinking: I wrote that line, I wrote that line, and I wrote that line too. And none of that would have happened if I didn’t risk my (what I think is) inexperienced skill at writing. I wrote my first screenplay and helped film my first short. And I was STOKED.

We scored a legitimate courtroom for the trial scene, actual cop cars for the “high-speed” chase (they’re not really high speed in real life; at least not in our low-budget films…), AND we got to throw our main character into a REAL holding cell after he was found guilty!

Even though this film was incredibly low-budget and just for a small film contest, I still got to do what I love: write real, humanistic stories and watch them come to life visually. There’s something so incredibly heart-warming about it that I’m bragging to all of you now that I finally got to do it … all thanks to meeting just one person.

The short was for the Wexner Center for the Arts short film contest. Their deadline is this Friday so we’ll have a copy by then and I’ll definitely share the finished product with all of you who wish to see it. 🙂

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