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That Awkward Academic Moment When…

 Written by    March 21, 2013

The fact that no one in my class managed to finish the statistics midterm in the time given raises some questions…as well as some hope.

When I first received the midterm today, the first thought that I had was that it was doable. A reasonable length with fair questions, I expected to be done and out by the end of the period. Imagine my surprise when, with only a minute remaining, I am still scribbling furiously with two questions remaining.

Turning my paper in brought about immediate depression. My grade was surely doomed, I thought. Not only had I failed to complete all questions, but the two remaining were short-response format that guaranteed a heavy loss of points. When complaining to others about my predicament, however, I found that all of the other people in the class were facing the same scenario.

To be honest, it is a great relief to know that others also did not finish. It prevents me from embarking on a self-deprecating journey that questions my academic competence. Though the knowledge that I studied hard for the exam makes me feel a bit better.

I am hoping that my teacher (who truly loves what she does) notices that the students were rushed for time. Though I usually do not depend on grading curves, I would rather lose points for not understanding concepts rather than leaving questions blank because of a lack of time. This is truly an academically frustrating turn of events.

In high school, I was never so aware of the importance of tests due to the padding offered by homework. The sink-or-swim theme of college can be a great burden at times, but I just have to accept that it ultimately makes me a stronger student in the end.

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