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There and Back Again

 Written by    March 25, 2013

Its been a crazy past three weeks. My team of eight Logos Theatre personnel went out with our performance The Basket of Flowers to three different schools in three different states, spending a week at each teaching a seminar.

(Our amazing team, minus leader/photographer)

The Basket of Flowers is based on a book written in 1778 by a Christopher Von Schmid. Its the story of a young girl, Mary, the only surviving daughter of a castle gardener. The gardener raises her to love truth, purity, faithfulness, and the Lord.  Mary becomes close friends with the princess. The princess’s handmaid becomes jealous and, when the Countess’s ring goes missing, accuses Mary of stealing it.  Mary is convicted and banished with her father from the country. Her father soon dies from the hardships of travelling, and the family she finds to stay at harasses her and works her very hard. Meanwhile, the Countess’s ring is found in a magpie nest when a storm blows the tree holding the nest down. The princess begins looking for Mary everywhere. Eventually, the two are reunited at the gravestone of Mary’s father, and wrongs are set to right.

(Mary and Father in their cottage – Hagerstown, MD)

The first week we were out, we were in Statesville, North Carolina. I was in charge of costumes, and we had two performances that weekend. We discovered the first day that several key costumes had accidentally been left behind at the Theater. Monday night we stopped at Goodwill to search for replacement costumes. Going through the checkout line, the cashier said, “Oh, what a cute little dress! Is that for Easter? And what a beautiful tablecloth!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her both were going to be cut up to make a medieval dress. I also figured out how to make time period hats without a pattern. We made them out of cardboard boxes and pillow cases! That’s costume creation on a budget for you!

(The white dress on the left, under the black cape, is the one I sewed from my Goodwill findings. The hat on the count in the upper right corner is one of the ones I made from a pillowcase and cardboard box… his also had a feather)

The second school we went to was in Long Island, New York. I was responsible for hair and stage makeup, and it was a bit of an exciting challenge due to the wide variety of ethnicities. I made my first beard and my first hair extension that week, and was able to counsel a couple girls in private.

(I did the prisoner’s makeup… that was fun!)

That Saturday we toured New York City before leaving for our next destination.


(Freedom Tower)

(Manhattan Bridge)

(Times Square)

Week three we were in Hagerstown, Maryland, with a homeschool group. The kids had great hearts and teachable spirits. I loved that group! I was in charge of props, and I had four minions assisting me. It was a bit hectic at times, but everything necessary made it on stage for the correct scene! After that seminar, we toured D.C. (only an hour away) for an afternoon, then headed to the house of a guy on our team.

(Part of the team in front of the Lincoln Memorial)

We rested there for the evening, and arrived back at the Logos Theater yesterday evening.

(Okay, so it was a form of rest…)

Its been good, and crazy, and such a wonderful learning experience. There is very little now in theater that I haven’t at least gotten my fingers into.

Meanwhile, its spring break starting Friday evening, and the weatherman is calling for flurries. “I’m dreaming of a white Easter… because its spring break and there’s snow…” I don’t like the idea of celebrating break by building a snowman, but I just might end up doing that. I’m ready for spring!


Pics 1, 2, 3 – Ben Maciejack, photographer, Logos Theater staff

Pics 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 – Me

Pic 9 – Zachary Johnson, Logos Theater intern

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