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You Can Run, but You Can’t Escape the Ohio State Pride!

 Written by    March 29, 2013

I do not voluntarily watch March Madness, nor do I ever talk about it. On campus, however, it is nearly impossible to get away from the basketball / Aaron Craft frenzy.

I was the girl who did not know what “seeds” are in a “bracket.” I was also the girl who initially thought March Madness was some kind of shopping event like Black Friday. I also had little to no knowledge of OSU’s basketball team, not even its ranking or the players. I especially did not know why people loved Aaron Craft so much.

Despite my initial non-interest, it seems that everywhere I go, basketball is there. If people are not watching it on television, then they are talking about it with friends. If they are not talking about it, then they are watching it on their smartphones. I hear about March Madness in class, walking on the street and even through the walls of my dorm room. Eventually, it got too much that I decided to find out what the hype was about.

After some brief research and conversations with classmates (especially guys), I now have sufficient knowledge of March Madness. I also now know who Aaron Craft is, who apparently I have seen before at my freshmen convocation a semester ago. It now makes so much sense that people started screaming hysterically when some young guy (Aaron Craft) walked out on stage at the Nationwide arena.

Buckeyes’ devotion to basketball is no less strong than their devotion to football and its star, Braxton Miller. No matter where you go, there are crowds of people overfilling with pride for the school. The utter frenzy around March Madness and particularly OSU is both baffling and comforting. It is nice to see that the students really do love their school and share in the excitement of success. I never knew that basketball could bring people together so effectively, and I am truly glad to see it.

Does this mean that I will be watching March Madness from now on? Probably not. When faced between basketball and a show like Family Feud, I will likely always pick the latter.

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