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Ohio State Topples Underdogs Wichita State to Advance to the Final Four

 Written by    April 1, 2013

While many prepared to host large Easter dinners and attend church, The Ohio State University Mens Basketball Team contended against Wichita State for a spot in the Final Four.

Ohio State started strong in the first half, leading by twelve with seven minutes remaining in the half. Forcing several turnovers, OSU lead 43-21 with one minute remaining. Aaron Craft and Deshaun Thomas led the scarlet and gray with 12 points each, with Craft having 6 assists.

As the second half began, Wichita made its play to catch up, with a 10 point streak. Unfazed, the Ohio State team relied on Amir Williams to retain the lead and ensure that lead was retained.

Wichita State, which had surprised many bracket-makers struggled to break a 25.9% field goal percentage. Craft said of Wichita Point-Guard Malcolm Armstead, “Armstead is a beast. A shockingly intimidating opponent.”. Craft continued, “Coach always said ‘What do you say to losing? Not today.’ And that’s just what I did.”

Armstead and the Wichita team remained headstrong as they mounted an offensive consisting of quick passes and several three point attempts. But with thirty seconds left in the half, an Ohio State defensive rebound secured the game 66-63.

While Wichita held strong, the Ohio State men saved many a bracket by advancing to the Final Four. Ohio State is a strong favorite to win the Championship title this year and it seems that the men are having no trouble delivering.

April fools. This is cruel, I know, but Louisville is my only remaining team in the Final Four so I’m at a loss here too. Despite Ohio State’s loss, Ross claims that, “anytime Coach Matta gave me a chance to prove what I can do, I was able to go out and do it”. OSU will win it all next year. I choose to believe.

Until next time, best wishes.


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  1. cukrzyca says:

    Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the good work.

  2. Taylor says:

    OH MAN… I was reading this like … did we watch the same game? You got me. You got me good. Well done. 🙂

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