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April Fools! (is the worst day of the year)

 Written by    April 1, 2013

I’m no fan of April Fools Day, mostly because I’m terribly gullible, but I do appreciate some of the pranks that are deployed on this fateful day. Google always has some especially hilarious hijinks this day each year.

So instead of sharing all of my best pranks with you guys, here are some of my favorite things that keep me laughing all year round: M!chig@n jokes.


1. What does the average Michigan player get on his/her SAT?

Answer: Drool

2. How many Wolverines does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: One, but he gets 5 credits for it.

3. How do you get a Michigan graduate to stop knocking on your door and get off your porch?

Answer: Pay for the pizza.

4. Once upon a time, there was a season when neither Ohio State nor Michigan made a post-season bowl game. It seemed so unusual that the teams figured there should be some sort of competition anyway. So they got together and decided on a week-long ice-fishing competition.

On the first day, Ohio State caught 100 fish and Michigan caught none. On the second day, Ohio State had caught 200 fish and Michigan still had zero.

The Michigan coach, suspecting cheating, dressed one of his players in scarlet and gray and sent him to the Ohio State camp to act as a spy. At the end of the day, the player came back to report.

“Are they cheating?” asked the coach.

“They sure are,”  the player said. “They’re cutting holes in the ice!”



Happy April Fools Day to my fellow Buckeyes! May you all be successful in your pranking endeavors.


Joke Source: http://chemistry.osu.edu/~rzellmer/michigan.htm

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