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OSU Student Appreciation Day

 Written by    April 6, 2013

Today, I got to take part in a unique opportunity that the Ohio State football team and Undergraduate Student Government decided to host.

Last year, Coach Meyer stated that he wanted to start a tradition to give students the opportunity to take “ownership” of THEIR team.

So, he opened up a practice to the students at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

I heard about the opportunity from my sister, but I wasn’t a student at Ohio State at that point. 

This year, though,  I took full advantage of the opportunity.

I have watched Ohio State football since I was 11 years old, but I know that scarlet and gray has run in my blood longer than that. So this experience meant an incredible amount to me.

What’s great about this tradition is that not only is it unique among many big Division 1 schools, but it truly gives students the opportunity to interact with their fellow peers who just happen to be incredible athletes.

I truly loved the opportunity and can’t wait to attend every year that I am a student.

On days like these, I fall back in love with this school even more. Go Bucks!


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