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Karate, Adolescent Sexuality, Elementary Swahili, and MORE!

 Written by    April 9, 2013

The title of this blog contains a sample of classes provided at The Ohio State University. It’s scheduling season here at OSU, that means its time to make some important decisions for next semester.  Now while the idea of deciding your future may sound scary, scheduling can actually be a pretty exciting thing!

One of the most important factors when it comes to scheduling for classes is timing.  For incoming students, the time you schedule is determined by your class rank.  Upperclassmen and honor students get to schedule before freshmen, so scheduling for freshmen is even more stressful with classes already filling up.  There’s not too much to worry about though if you schedule late since Ohio State offers so many classes and you can always get on the wait list if you really want or need to get in a class.

This will be my third time scheduling, with the first two being at orientation and the end of last semester.  My goal each time is to create the perfect schedule, but I’ve realized that this is practically impossible.  Everyone has problems with their schedule, they either have to take a class they don’t like for their major, have to take a class earlier or later in the day than they wanted, or can’t get into a class that they really wanted.  With all those problems aside, I still try to create a schedule that lets me manage school and life at the same time.

Scheduling also gives you the chance to explore the variety of classes that Ohio State has to offer.  Maybe you’ll take a class, love it, and want to add a minor or even change your major!  That’s why I’m taking out time the day before my time window opens to see what classes I really need, and find some that I think I’ll enjoy!

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