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 Written by    April 10, 2013

Hi, remember me? I’m still alive, but it’s been a while. You could say that I’ve been in transit … just always running somewhere.

I could fill up an entire blog entry about all the awesome stuff I’ve been doing this semester, but it would end up just being a list  (and those are pretty boring…)

In any case, this past Tuesday I went to an experimental theatre show brought to you by the OSU Department of Theatre’s Lab Series. And you guessed it… It was called InTransit, a site-specific theatre experience.


The Lab Series is a cool opportunity for students to produce new and experimental works with the support of a small production team provided by the department. They are on Monday and Tuesday nights, and always free.

This particular production took place in the backseat of a car. Well, 4 different cars. Each showing had a max capacity of 12 people where 3 people would sit in the back of a car while the actor or actors sat in the front seat. Each car would rotate until each group had seen all of the performances.

Some of the performances allowed you to be a “fly on the wall” where others were more interactive.

I personally love the kind of theatre that makes everyday life interesting to watch.  Some of these were goofy, sad, dark, lighthearted, and had just about something for everybody.

I would write more, but I gotta run 😉





photo credit:  InTransit/ lab series FB page



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