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Year In Review: Random Thoughts

 Written by    April 22, 2013

With finals looming on the horizon I’m pretty occupied with my studying and sleep. Unable to focus enough energy to turn this post into one coherent topic that flows smoothly from start to finish, I decided to simply compile some random musings that I have had after completing my first year at Ohio State:

  • Funnest thing all year was football season. The games are absolutely crazy if you sit in the student section. Everybody’s hyped up and rowdy (not speculating as to reasons why…) and the Bucks are just too good. Moment of the year? Cool Hand Kenny Guiton coming into the Purdue game at QB after Braxton Miller went down with energy. A game that looked like it was over, Purdue nursing a lead, turned into an overtime win for the Buckeyes thanks to Kenny. Besides the games, the Mirror Lake Jump is one of the best nights of the year…if you’re prepared to freeze to death.


Low Key G himself.

Low Key G himself.


  • Musically, Indicud takes the spotlight in my eyes. I’ve been listening to this album beginning-to-end for two weeks straight now, and I’m not bored yet. It’s not for everybody, but if you like it, you’ll love it. I definitely listened to a lot more 2 Chainz, Chief Keef, etc. this year than I was planning on, but that’s the music of choice for most of the kids here, unfortunately. Also, one indie artist that you all should definitely check out: Kishi Bashi. My roommate showed me this guy, and he’s crazy talented.


  • Speaking of roommates: don’t be afraid to go with the “random” option. I did random and ended up being put in a quad. Not all roommates get along, but somehow the four of us have found a way to get along and live together while also becoming really good friends. I definitely have no regrets about rooming with people I didn’t know before I came here.


  • I got a lot done this year. And by that, I mean that I annihilated TV shows like it was my job. I managed to find enough free time to finish watching Breaking BadMad Men, That 70’s Show, and The League throughout the year. My favorite TV shows are still The Office and Friends, however. They’re just too good to beat.
Pam Beesly, Dream Wife. Jim Halpert, Man Crush.

Pam Beesly, Dream Wife.
Jim Halpert, Man Crush.

  • Most interesting class: Comparative Studies 1100. It basically is an examination of culture and why people act certain ways–vague, I know, but that’s literally how the entire class is. There’s great class discussions and you get to write papers on whatever topic you want.


  • A prediction: The Buckeyes football team may not lose a game as long as I am a student here. I think there’s actually a somewhat-legitimate possibility of the Bucks not losing another game for the next three years under Urban Meyer. That guy is the truth.


  • I’m not sure if I want to see The Great Gatsby yet or not. Like everyone else, I “Sparknoted” the book in high school, so I’m hoping they create a shorter, sparknote-like movie version as well, for those of us who don’t want to spend the whole two hours to watch the movie.


  • My summer plans: work, a lot. Big party on the Fourth of July, the same one my family throws every year. A week’s vacation in the best place on Earth: Oak Island, NC. Lots of hanging out with friends and working out.

Good luck on finals to everyone (in high school or college) and have a good summer everybody!


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