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Goodbye Lincoln Tower

 Written by    April 22, 2013

As I only have about a week left living in an Ohio State dorm for the actual rest of my life, I thought I would go ahead and show you what my home has been for the past 2 years.

If you’ve ever tried to figure out what a dorm looked like on the inside from anywhere on the OSU website, you probably found something like this:



Yeah…that only goes so far.


So here is the real deal.


Some background info:  That’s Lincoln Tower on the left, and Morrill Tower on the right.  Lincoln, an honors dorm, is where I live.  Both towers are the only two dorms on west campus.  Morrill especially, though, is home to massive amounts of people, as the whole 23 story building is dedicated to housing students.  In Lincoln, only the top 8 floors (16-23) are residential, and are collectively referred to as Lincoln House.  The 15th floor is our lobby.  The other floors are offices and the like.

Lincoln Lobby

I should have warned you that I’m a terrible picture-taker.  Anyway, this is a photo from our lobby.  In the back there are pool tables and stuff that I’ve honestly never used.  To the left of this area are our quiet and group study rooms.  I’m in the quiet study room right now!


This is also the 15th floor.  Any food-related floor events usually take place here, and the kitchen is in this area as well.


We also have foods.  ^_^  Except sometimes the vending machines are sometimes sold out of lemonade, and then I get sad.

This is the actual lobby part.  In the back there’s a printer, which I use when my printer is jammed (like right now).  To the right are the mailboxes and the front desk (which I mostly only go to to check out movies and pick up my packages).

So now this is the 16th floor, where I live.  This is the door to our suite.

And this is our common room!

Not pictured here is our couch (provided by OSU)… I promise we have one 🙂


Beyond our common room are our actual bedrooms and the bathroom.  There are 4 bedrooms per suite, which aggregately house 10-14 people (depends how many of the bedrooms are quads as opposed to doubles).  My room is the one with the Sherlock poster.

Our bathroom!  4 sinks, 3 stalls, 2 showers.  I’m so glad none of my suitemates walked in while I was taking this.  Awkward.


We inherited the blue shelving unit on the left from our sophomore suitemates last year to hold all our bathroom stuff.

This is my room.  First is the study room, and then another door separates our study area from the actual bedroom.

This is the side with my desk.  The fridge is on the other side.


This is inside our actual bedroom.  SO YEAH, WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF.

This is on my side.  WE HAVE A LOT OF CLOTHES TOO OKAY.

There’s also a laundry room on every floor.

The view from our window is not terribly exciting, but on game day, looking into a stadium full of OSU colors is really cool.


College dorms are not super glamorous.  But let me tell you, I have so many fond memories from this place, it is going to be one emotional day when I leave for good next Wednesday.   :'(



Rude Awakening:  Why does the end of every school year have to be so incredibly depressing?  And in the midst of trying to hang out with people one last time before the end of the year, I still have to be studying for finals, writing papers, and packing.


Pleasant Surprise:   Jump Day is today!  Twice a year, you can sign up to jump off the high dive at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.  I’m serious, yo.


In firm friendship,

Julia Rose S.

Campus Life

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