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Moving out is predictably terrible

 Written by    April 22, 2013

Today I started packing my things to move out on Saturday, and the feelings I had about it were exactly the same ones I had when I was packing my stuff in August to move down here:

  1. I own too much stuff, and need to cut back.  No one needs this much.
  2. I’m going to miss my friends so much.

It’s strange how quickly Columbus has become my home, but it really is.  I’m excited to go home and see my high school friends and start working and living with cats and spending more time with my family, but the task of packing my stuff is once again just plain daunting, only this time it is coupled with the fact that I have five finals to study for.

I don’t even know how to properly choose how to spend my study time because I need to devote so much of it to Econ, but I fear that if I spend too much time catching up in a class I probably can’t get an A in anyways, it’s going to cost me good scores on my finals in classes I could get A’s in.  In summation, college is hard and 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.

Perhaps the most depressing thing about the end of this year is that I won’t get to see my roommates on a daily, or probably even weekly basis anymore.  I have had the best experience going “random” with roommate selection.  I’m so excited to be living with the people I’ve chosen to live with next Fall (one of whom is one of my current roomies) but I’m still going to miss the hell out of my current ones I’m not living with again.

I guess I knew that when I signed up for college, I was signing up for a lot of moving every single one of my belongings from place to place, but I didn’t realize how simultaneously bittersweet and depressing and exhausting and exciting it would keep being.  The terrifying emotional roller coaster is worth it though.

Also, I just realized I said in my last post that Lauren and I were staying for Maymester, and that is no longer true.  We both realized about a week ago that we were burnt out on school and wanted to get home for Summer, so I’m putting off adulthood until August*.

One more random thing: Incoming freshmen, schedule your orientation as early in the summer as possible!!!! This is important for you to be able to take the classes you want to take at the times you want to take them.

Music: Van Morrison.  All of it.  All the time.

*Although I did go grocery shopping last week because I ran out of blocks and have been cooking for myself which feels very adult but is mostly just normal human function


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