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The Perks (and Drawbacks) of Living in a Dorm

 Written by    April 24, 2013

Now that my time as a dorm-dweller has almost come to an end, I have decided to reflect on my experience living on-campus as a freshman. To make it easier to gather my thoughts, this post will be divided between the benefits and the pitfalls of living the dorm life.


  • The presence and noise of other students motivates you to get up in the mornings on weekends and study / hang-out / eat food
  • Your neighbors are likely to be studying the same or similar major as you, so help in common classes is always readily available
  • Food cafeterias are typically centered near dorms, so you never have to go very far to grab a bite to eat
  • Facility problems are easy to take care of: report it to the front desk or call the OSU maintenance hotline
  • Having random roommates can be a benefit because you likely meet interesting people you would not regularly talk to
  • There are always events being hosted in the dorms that you can be a part of, such as baking nights and regular comedy shows


  • Noise can sometimes be an issue if it is not coming from the room beside you because you can’t readily solve the problem
  • Food cafeterias have schedules that are sometimes inconvenient to accommodate (especially on the weekends)
  • If you don’t regularly socialize with the people on your floor, passing by them can be a little awkward
  • Roommates that do not have your sleeping pattern can make it difficult to study or do recreational activities at times
  • The lack of kitchens can prove to be frustrating when you want to make a meal instead of buying one
  • A large group of college students living in one place is bound to create disturbances at times, particularly in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep

Continuously living in a dorm is not for everyone, but it is definitely an experience that all college students should have. It is a great way to meet people as a freshman, and you are likely never to be bored with the constant itinerary of activities. I personally will be moving off-campus next semester because I will have early classes and will need to go to sleep early too. Overall, however, I enjoyed the experience and am grateful to have made more than a few friends out of it.

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