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 Written by    April 24, 2013

After weeks of shooting, editing, and losing sleep, the short film that Anthony and I made is finally done.

It’s my first actual production. I think that’s pretty neat.

It’s a short film done as the final projects for Anthony Windsor II and myself. Done on a very low budget and tight schedule, this went from a small one man project that Anthony was planning to do, to a production that took a few weeks. Written originally by Anthony for a poetry class, Anthony took the poem “Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath and came up with the script for this film.

Anthony came to me asking to help with this because he knows that I have made videos in the past and I reluctantly agreed. I never thought it would be this big of a project.

But even though it was so much work, it was a lot of fun and I am so glad to have had the experience with working with everyone.



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