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The Final Finals

 Written by    May 2, 2013

Even though I’m a senior (for a few more days, anyway), my senior spring semester course load wasn’t a joke. I had an internship, a graduate-level history of art class, and two other courses. So how did I luck out so much with finals?The truth is, sometimes you get lucky with finals. Sometimes, you do not. This is how it goes, and it is part of life, no matter whether you’re in high school or college, and no matter where you go. I can’t make any statements about graduate or professional school, because I’m not there yet, but I have a feeling that it will work similarly–it just varies because it depends on the course and on the professor.

So for whatever reason, this semester I got lucky, with a pretty light finals load, including only one in-class final, which was for my honors criminology class (pretty typical for an honors class–you’re going to have an in-class final as opposed to a final paper or project, although you may have those in addition to the final). For my English class, we didn’t have a final, just some finish-up-the-semester assignments, which was awesome. For my internship, I just had to write a paper describing who I worked for, what I did, what I got out of the experience, and how applicable it is for future goals. So that wasn’t too bad. The doozy for me was the final research paper for my grad-level art history class, which was due the last day of finals, and which I may or may not have mostly procrastinated until the last few days. (I did.)

I’m not sure why I did this. Maybe I wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of procrastination. Maybe I thought if I kept finals going for as long as possible, I wouldn’t graduate so soon. Maybe I thought if I didn’t finish the paper right away, I could be a senior for a little more time.

Of course, I finished that research paper in plenty of time. And of course, I’m still graduating on Sunday. I know you can’t stop time, and you can’t slow it down either. But we’re human–we try anyway.

Congratulations to all the seniors on surviving your last undergrad finals week!

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