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Spending 99% of My Summer at OSU

 Written by    May 8, 2013

In a previous post, I mentioned the numerous applications I filed for summer employment. Turns out, half have come through and I now find myself spending the majority of my days back on campus.

Juggling a job and class work during the spring semester was exhausting. I admit that I was to blame for scheduling too many hours that I realized I could not handle. Now that I am more aware of my personal limitations, I feel that working during the summer will not be quite as stressful.

My current hours truly are better than the ones I worked last summer following my senior year of high school. Being fresh out of the public education system, I was enthusiastic and could not wait to get involved in society. This led me to work two retail jobs at Easton Town Center that required waking up every day at 5 in the morning and keeping on my feet until 10 at night. I enjoyed working with customers, but after two months I was definitely burned out.

This summer, my employment is kept strictly at OSU. Part of the reason is because I will be continuing my work from the school year, but also because of a new internship I got at the Fisher College of Business. Both are better suited to my interests and schedule. What is lost in physical exertion certainly is made up for in mental labor. Working with students is similar to working with customers, and I find that I enjoy my current positions a whole lot more.

Though compensation is not the driving factor that leads me to take certain jobs, it is nice to know that the time I spend during the summer is productive both mentally and financially. There is a certain degree of independence associated with having a job, a sense of responsibility that cannot result from getting an allowance. I enjoy being partially able to support myself, and I know my parents are too.

Working on campus has the added benefit of being able to frequent the various shops and restaurants on High Street. As a student, I had very little time to shop leisurely and a meal plan that prevented me from recklessly spending money buying food elsewhere. Now that I do not have homework looming immediately on my mind, it is nice to indulge on the luxuries of campus life. Though it may not be healthy to eat out every day, I know that my selfish side is certainly enjoying it.

I planned to work during summer regardless of location. It just turns out that working at OSU and being back to campus has led to many benefits I had not previously considered when signing my acceptances, such as good food, great hours and a lively student life.

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