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It doesn’t quite feel like summer without a smoothie

 Written by    May 15, 2013

I’m alive, and i’ve been busy. I have a lot of exciting things to share about what I’m doing, now, what I’m doing this summer, and what I’m doing next year.

But first things first.


It hasn’t quite hit me (mostly because I’m taking 2 mayterm classes…) but the regular academic year at Ohio State is over…. so now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Now, a little something about me is that I loooooove smoothies. I make them a lot when I’m at home, with my mom’s super awesome vita-mix blender (seriously, it’s crazy…). At school I have my magic bullet blender that I got for high school graduation (again, because I love smoothies).

Right now as I’m writing, I’m sipping on my super creamy alligator pear smoothie (aka avocado)

Alligator Pear smoothie:

(~1 serving in a single serve blender)

fill ~1/3 with ice

~3 teaspoons/scoops of avocado (to taste)

honey to taste

fill with vanilla soy milk for desired consistency

Dollop of creamy peanut butter


My friend thought I was crazy for putting peanut butter in this, but man is it good… (when she tasted it she realized it too) it’s light, sweet, and creamy. I’m not about exact amounts in recipes, it’s just all about feel.


Another favorite is…

Berry Mocha Smoothie:

fill ~1/3 with ice

handful of frozen berries (there are frozen berry mixes at costco, target, etc)

1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder

either store bought iced coffee or  ~ 4 oz of strong instant coffee, sweetened

fill with vanilla soy milk (if used instant coffee, otherwise just fill with the sweetened store bought kind)



So, since the local bubble tea cafe went out of business, I guess I’m on my own to make my own smoothies…  but I think I’ll be ok.

Does anyone have their own favorite summer recipes?





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