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Gettin’ Wilde

 Written by    May 21, 2013

An Oscar Wilde Tea Party, A Woman of No Importance

I’ve been having an exciting this summer preparing for my role in Evolution Theatre Company’s modern day production of Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance. We have been working since mid-april and it opens tomorrow (!).  Columbus has a vibrant theatre scene and I’m excited to perform with all of these talented actors.

A fun fact to know is that there are a lot of OSU Alumni and students involved in the cast and the production company (the artistic director of the company, the director of the show, and over half of the actors). It was funny that without even planning it, the two other actors that I interact with the most in the play and I all wore OSU shirts to rehearsal last week.

This experience is especially exciting for me for a bunch of reasons. One is that I recently declared my double major in theatre and have taken a few acting classes already, so this is a good experience in that. Additionally, the subject matter of the play is somewhat appropriate as I am studying abroad in England in July and in the play I am an American visiting London (it is also pretty funny). Lastly, I’m getting paid, which in acting, is pretty friggen awesome if you ask me 😉

The show opens at the Van Fleet Theatre in downtown Columbus on Wednesday May 22nd at 8pm and has 8 performances with the last one on June 1.




photo credit: Mark P. Schwamberger, Evolution Theatre Company

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