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“Finals Week” Intern-Style

 Written by    May 20, 2013

So, its our last week as interns at the Logos Theatre. We have “final exams” on Wednesday – they measure how much we’ve learned in each category over the past year; tech, costuming, stage makeup, lighting, special effects, directing, etc.

Along with the finals coming up, we also have reports due. Interns have three types of reports to write: Observation reports (30/yr), Project reports (15/yr), and Counseling reports (12/yr). Observation reports are 1-2 pages written based on, well, what we observe. I typically write mine from the notes I took all year while watching the director, or in the few classes we had before going on seminar last fall.


Project reports are essentially how-to’s for projects we accomplished that year. They can be several pages long, and include a list of supplies and lots of pictures in addition to the instructions. Throughout the year, I took pictures of each stage of most of the projects I accomplished, so it wasn’t too hard drawing from them to finish reports.


Β The third type of report – counseling – is because we work with teenagers so much on seminar. We need to be an authority, an example, and a friend to each teen we meet. Many times, they’ll trust us enough to share some situation they’re currently dealing with. When we have one-on-one discussions with them, we need to write up reports (anonymous, of course) on how we counseled them.

Finally, we have costuming notebooks due. We were given several different time periods to research costuming for. When researching costumes, Wikipedia is not the place to go, and a Google image search must be treated with great wisdom and caution. I’ve found the most trustworthy and accurate places to learn costuming are historical societies, museums, and reenactment sites. Costuming research includes male, female, and children fashion; clothing, outerwear, hats, shoes, gloves, and jewelry (and any other accessories). Each time period must have at least a page of information on fashion and styles, and two pages of photos, but a good report will have 8-10.


I’ve gotten a bit of a head start in submitting some of my reports, thankfully. Why? In addition to submitting “homework” and studying for “finals” this week, we interns have four performances of Our Town – our Intern play this year. It will be a very busy week! But then, who needs sleep?


All pics but last: me

Last pic: Stephen Warren, intern, The Academy of Arts

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