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Living Off-Campus

 Written by    June 11, 2013

Hi all! I’ve been busy this summer volunteering, working, and exploring Columbus, but I’ve also had a rude awakening.

My first year at OSU, I was spoiled living in the dorms. Food was two blocks away and I hardly washed dishes.

Now, I live in an apartment and I have to buy trash bags and groceries.

Oh, and I have to COOK for myself…

At first, I didn’t think it’d be hard. But after a month of trial-and-error learning, I think I’ve found a happy medium.

Here are some quick tips about living on your own, especially about feeding yourself on a budget.

As a Nutrition major, I’m pretty concerned with eating healthy. It was easy to do so at home since my mom cooks well, but on my own, temptations lurk everywhere.

In the morning, I suggest making a green smoothie. Blenders are relatively cheap ($20-$30).

I make a green smoothie so I can hide vegetables without having to eat 10 billion salads a day. I dump 1 handful of spinach, 3 strawberries,  1/2 banana, and 2 ice cubes and blend it all. It looks sort of nasty, but you can’t taste the spinach at all. It tastes just like a strawberry-banana smoothie.

green smoothie

Another thing I discovered was that eggs are a really great, cheap healthy source of nutrition. You can make a fried egg and toast, toss an egg onto pasta, or make a really good omelet with leftover vegetables.

summer cooking

All in all, living off-campus is definitely a growing and learning experience. But now, cooking for myself no longer scares me. I time manage even better than I did living on-campus, and I get really good exercise hiking 1 mile each way to the RPAC and to my lab!

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