Every girl needs some retail therapy.

Written by    Oct 24, 2011

And for those guys that don’t know what retail therapy is, lets just say that females devote an entire day to shopping when they need to relax and relieve the stress of midterms, and Chem 121, and just to get away from the dorm.

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Stress Relief

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Written by    Oct 23, 2011

Last weekend, my roommate Melissa did something amazing. She ran a marathon. 

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Events, fitness

in the middle of midterms

Written by    Oct 22, 2011

This past Tuesday, I had my first of 3-4 midterms, which (un?)luckily for me are all semi-scrunched in a three week time frame. 

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Academics, Classes, midterms, Stress

Midterms Galore

Written by    Oct 19, 2011

The time of the quarter is upon us: midterms. I had my first midterm this week in Math 150. I lost count of all the hours of studying I did. Since this was my first midterm for any class at The Ohio State University, I was pretty much in the dark about where, how, and what to study.

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midterms, Studying

Winter Quarter? Check.

Written by    Oct 19, 2011

The Ohio State University so very nicely considers the dance team to be part of the athletic program, you know with football, basketball, baseball, etc.  And since I am technically an “athlete” I get this amazing little thing called PRIORITY SCHEDULING.  

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Preparing for World Take-Over

Written by    Oct 17, 2011

We all have to take a foreign language in college, right? And what better language to learn than the one of our soon-to-be conquerors? “And who will be conquering us?” you ask. “How do you know?” Good people, look around you! They are everywhere! You cannot walk ten paces on campus without running across at least one. They are infiltrating society. I swear they are planning a […]

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Campus Life, Relaxation, Stress Relief

Buck That! and shuck that!

Written by    Oct 16, 2011

Sometimes I try too hard to be clever. I didn’t actually do any shucking, but shucking relates to corn and I went to a corn maze on Friday! As for Buck That!, the video below is worth a thousand words: 

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RPAC, more than just a work-out

Written by    Oct 13, 2011

The RPAC (Recreation and Physical Activities Center for those of you not familiar with it) is famous for being one of the most impressive college recreation facilities in the nation, but there is more to it than what meets the eye.

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Campus Life, fitness, nutrition

Route Setting

Written by    Oct 13, 2011

After working at the OAC for almost 4 months, I was finally able to set a route. If you have no idea what any of this means, welcome to the world of (indoor) rock climbing.

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On-campus work

what do a secretary, an Etsy entrepreneur, and a transgender ex-educator have in common?

Written by    Oct 13, 2011

(#LongestBlogTitleEver) All three of these individuals were “patients” in my Humanistic & Social Issues in Medicine & Biomedical Sciences class. Wow, we’re all for the long titles today. But anyway, can I just FREAK OUT about how much I love this class?

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