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Student activities

You’ve hit the motherlode: with over 900 student organizations, a community service database, great fitness facilities, and a wide range of faith-based groups, you’ll find plenty to engage, entertain, and involve you.

Get involved!

Student organizations

Battlebots, ballroom dancing, bowling. Choose from hundreds of possibilities. The Ohio Union hosts a multitude of events and offers a searchable directory of student organizations.

Community service

Make a difference in the community through a huge range of outreach endeavors. Start with the Ohio Union’s Pay It Forward site, a resource for students looking for volunteer opportunities.

Recreation and club sports

Ohio State Recreational Sports offers a wide array of intramural sports and club sports and the facilities to support them.

Religion and spirituality

Connect with students, faculty, and staff who participate in your preferred faith tradition. To explore the options, visit the Ohio Union’s directory of student organizations, go to the Search box, and select Religious/Spiritual from the drop-down menu.

Student Involvement Fair

Ohio State’s range of student organizations is a reflection of a diverse and active campus community. Take a virtual walk around the annual Student Involvement Fair (and plan to attend it during your first week of classes):

More to do on the Columbus campus

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