The Ohio State value

We invest in each other

As a result of Ohio State's world-class faculty, global alumni network and leadership in many academic fields, students discover they continue to reap rewards from their Ohio State investment for many years after graduation. When you consider that Ohio State's tuition and mandatory fees are among the lowest in the Big Ten, what you have is a degree that carries an exceptional return on investment for many families.

Ohio State is on a mission: to provide affordable value through financial stewardship, to be a valued partner within the communities it serves and to provide an education so valuable, many alumni consider it priceless.

Access to education

Not everyone follows a traditional path through Ohio State. Some Ohio residents begin at our regional campuses. Other students transfer from other colleges. Military veterans — most of whom immediately qualify for in-state tuition thanks to the GI Promise — are welcome to begin or continue their academic careers here. And Ohio State is leading the way in online courses and degrees. The paths may be different for these students, but the result is the same — the cherished Ohio State degree.

College debt

In an era of rising costs and competition, Ohio State continues to be recognized for its efforts to keep a world-class education within reach. Nearly 45 percent of Buckeyes obtain their undergraduate degrees with no debt at all.

Need-based aid

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake is committed to increasing accessibility through innovative money management. He has recently outlined his vision to grow the need-based grant pool by a total of $100 million over five years. By 2020, the university will dedicate at least $400 million to lowering the cost and improving the value of students’ Ohio State education, with funding generated through administrative efficiencies and inventive financing strategies.

Land grant mission

In the past 10 years, Ohio State has controlled its in-state tuition more than any school in the Big Ten, this year freezing tuition and fees for incoming Ohio students for five consecutive years. The President’s Affordability Grant program awards millions in aid to thousands of low- and middle-income Ohioans, while a new tuition coverage program will ensure that all Ohio students who qualify for Pell Grants receive an aid package that covers the full cost of tuition. Further, last year more than 1,500 Ohio State graduates were the first in their families to graduate from college. It’s a number we’re proud of, a reflection of Ohio State's long-standing role in providing Ohioans access to a college education.