Spirit and tradition

Tap into a community whose members share a common bond and a love for all things Scarlet and Gray.

To be a Buckeye is to be part of something really special for the rest of your life. #BuckeyeForLife

Since 1870

Students come to The Ohio State University to experience our beautiful campus, our inclusive and energetic student body, and our united sense of pride in being part of the global Buckeye family.

Building a great reputation, size and community takes a long time, and Ohio State has been building something really special for nearly 150 years now. The next chapter in our history is still being written, filled with the dreams and accomplishments of students like you.

Oh come, let's sing Ohio's praise

From the chimes of Orton Hall to the beautiful Oval leading to Mirror Lake, from Brutus Buckeye to the championship Buckeyes, Ohio State is brimming with traditions that form a common bond across campus and around the world. Start with:

  • "Carmen Ohio" – Our song to alma mater, first performed by the Glee Club in 1903.

  • Script Ohio – The marching band's most famous formation culminates in the "dotting of the i" by a senior sousaphone player.

  • The O-H I-O chant – A rallying cry for Buckeyes everywhere.

Global alumni network

As you begin your university career, you may think it’s too early to talk about alumni networks. Think again. If going to college is a way to learn about and explore the world, then the powerful network of more than 500,000 Ohio State alumni is an influential connector to people and places around the globe. There’s a good reason our graduates operate more than 250 clubs and societies on five continents. Because being a Buckeye matters, for life.