Undergraduate Admissions

Admission criteria

Ohio State has a competitive admission process in which students are considered for admission based largely on their academic performance and credentials.

Some majors have different criteria; read more about enrollment criteria.

For international freshmen

Ohio State has a competitive admission process in which students are considered for admission based on their academic performance and other credentials, including

  • Successful completion of the minimum college prep requirements
  • High school performance (class rank and GPA), including participation in accelerated programs like Honors, AP and IB
  • ACT/SAT scores, with writing (see "Important information about test scores," below)
  • Ability and desire to contribute to and engage with a diverse campus community
  • Leadership, co-curricular and work experiences
  • Status as a first-generation college student
  • Demonstration of outstanding talent in a particular area
  • Academic competitiveness of the high school
  • High school performance if adversely affected by physical, mental or learning environment factors
  • Eligibility for and likelihood of benefiting from organized support services at Ohio State

Important information about test scores

At Ohio State, we believe in the fundamental importance of effective writing. Strong writing skills are critical to success in college and beyond. We require that all applicants submit at least one ACT and/or SAT score set with writing exam scores. The writing score is used as part of a holistic review when considering admission applications. Writing scores do not factor into criteria for merit scholarships or selection for specific academic programs.

  • When considering students for admission, scholarships or Honors/Scholars selection, we consider the best official composite/combined score from a single test administration. Ohio State does not mix sub-scores from multiple tests or adjust scholarship values for higher test scores submitted after the scholarship's published deadline (for most, this is November 1).
  • We must receive official scores, sent directly from the testing agency. Scores from transcripts will not be considered.
  • Ohio State's college codes: ACT = 3312, SAT = 1592
  • We must receive test scores by the appropriate application and/or scholarship deadline. Students should plan to test at least six weeks prior to deadlines to allow sufficient time for scores to be sent to Ohio State.

  • What about the new SAT?

    You may have heard about a new SAT exam.

    If you're applying for the autumn 2017, summer 2017 or spring 2018 term, Ohio State will accept scores from either the current or new SAT. The essay for either version will not be required.

For international transfer students

If you have fewer than 30 semester hours (fewer than 45 quarter hours) of earned credit from a previous university, the application process considers four primary factors:

  1. Performance in high school/secondary school as shown by class rank or grade point average
  2. Successful completion of a university preparatory curriculum
  3. Overall university grade point average
  4. Performance on the ACT or SAT (required only of students who have graduated from high school/secondary school in the last two years)

If you have 30 or more semester hours (45 or more quarter hours) of earned credit from a previous university, the competitive academic admission review process considers these primary factors:

  • Overall university grade point average
  • Strong grades in courses related to your desired major

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 45 quarter (30 semester) hours of upper-division course work in their majors at Ohio State in order to graduate with an Ohio State degree. Students at other universities who have already completed upper-division course work in their majors should seriously consider finishing their degrees at their current university and may wish to consider graduate degree programs at Ohio State.

Note: Regardless of how many years you have already studied at other universities, most international transfer students typically spend an additional three to four years at Ohio State in order to fulfill all of our graduation requirements.

Some majors have more rigorous requirements; read more about enrollment criteria.

Attention applicants from China!

If you have taken university courses in China, in order to be considered for admission and/or transfer credit you MUST arrange for a verification report of your university transcript with the China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). The report must be mailed directly to Undergraduate Admissions by the CDGDC, rather than by you or any third party. Any transcript not mailed by the CDGDC will not be considered.

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