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Management and Industry Exploration

Campus: Columbus

Program: University Exploration

For undecided students interested in the broad field of business and the wide variety of careers within the industry, management and industry exploration provides an opportunity to sample courses and determine if they prefer studying business from the corporate or consumer perspective. Advisors recommend majors and courses based on each student’s individualized interests in the management and industry field.  

Sample majors

  • agribusiness
  • business
  • consumer family financial services
  • economics
  • public affairs
  • strategic communication

Students in University Exploration focus primarily on general education course work, prerequisite courses for competitive majors, and courses to explore majors when they are appropriate and suggested by an academic advisor. Working closely with academic advisors, students maintain degree progress and stay on track for a timely graduation.

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Exploration Program

352 Denney Hall

164 Annie & John Glenn Ave.

Columbus, OH  43210


Management and industry exploration is one of six meta-majors in University Exploration.