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Business Administration, Undecided

Campus: Columbus

College: Business

In business today, industry leaders face a variety of challenges: consumer demands, the need for more efficient planning and greater productivity, increasing international competition, and rapidly changing technology. 

These challenges will require that managers have more knowledge, training and skills than ever before. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment.

Students within the business program pursue one of the 12 business specializations:

  • Accounting
  • Aviation management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Insurance
  • International business
  • Logistics management
  • Management information systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations management
  • Real estate and urban analysis

The Fisher College of Business also coordinates the delivery of four minor programs:

  1. The general business minor provides students in majors other than business an understanding of the language and basic concepts of business. 
  2. The undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship captures the economic value in creative ideas for commercially viable products and services. This educational program enhances a student’s understanding of entrepreneurship, encourages exploration into personal career opportunities through entrepreneurial studies, and develops specific competencies in the creation, growth and leadership of entrepreneurial enterprises. 
  3. The business analytics minor is designed with extensive input from industry interested in hiring individuals to work with “big data.” This minor gives students an opportunity to cross disciplines to complement their major with skills in this fast-growing and important field. 
  4. The real estate minor focuses on fundamental real estate business knowledge and the opportunity to gain exposure to other aspects of the real estate industry. This minor is open to students from all disciplines.

First-year business students admitted to the Columbus campus enter the college through the Fisher pre-major program or are directly admitted to the major program.

Additional admission details may be found at Those domestic students admitted to the university who are not eligible for the college of business may enroll in management and industry exploration.

Principles courses

Accounting Principles
Economics Principles

Core courses

Business Skills and Environment
Business Law
International Business
Management Sciences
Management and Human Resources
Strategic Management

Required major courses

Five to eight courses in an area of specialization

A minimum of 121 hours are needed for graduation. Students are encouraged to explore academic minors to complement their major.

FIsher’s Office of Global Business provides students with a variety of options for putting theories into action in a compelling international location. Learn more at

The Fisher Honors Program includes the Accounting Honors Program, the Business Administration Honors Cohort Program and the Business Administration Honors Contract Program. The Accounting Honors Program consists of a specific sequence of accounting courses that students complete beginning in the sophomore year and continuing into the senior year. The Business Administration Honors Cohort Program consists of a set of sequenced business Honors courses that students follow beginning in the junior year. The Honors Contract Program consists of an academic plan designed by the student and detailed in an honors contract. 

The Business Scholars Program is a community of talented students that participate in programs and activities designed to offer insight into business practice and environment. Business Scholars learn to understand the vital role of collaboration through teambuilding, leadership training and workshops. Additionally, Business Scholars can develop partnerships with Fisher College of Business faculty and alumni.

Learn more about Honors and Scholars at

Students can explore opportunities for involvement through Fisher’s Undergraduate Leadership and Engagement Office.

The BSBA program prepares students for careers in business and for graduate study or professional degrees such as law. It emphasizes the flexibility necessary to achieve success in a rapidly changing society. The predicted need for management and business leaders in private industry, nonprofit organizations and government is high.

Graduates begin their careers in a variety of entry-level positions appropriate to their general management background and major field of study. These include positions in accounting, finance, production and operations management, management information systems, marketing, and sales. Career opportunities are also available in banking, insurance, retail management, real estate and other service industries, as well as in manufacturing firms.

Job and internship preparation and search assistance is available through the colleges’ Office of Career Management which works with employers from all over the country interested in hiring students from the Fisher College of Business.

Average beginning salaries for business graduates in 2016 was $53,641, depending on the candidate's skills, previous work experience (gained from internships assignments) and type of employment.

At graduation, Fisher College of Business graduates:

  • will posses strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and critically assess problems facing contemporary businesses
  • will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of human resources
  • will possess a global perspective and can critically evaluate the international context in which a contemporary business operates
  • can identify and assess ethical issues surrounding business decisions
  • are able to work effectively in a team-based environment
  • can demonstrate professional deportment and effective oral and written communication skills

Undergraduate Programs in Business Administration 
Max M. Fisher College of Business
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210 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Fisher College of Business was ranked ninth among public universities (U.S. News & World Report, 2017).