The Ohio State value

We invest in each other

As a result of Ohio State's world-class faculty, global alumni network and leadership in many academic fields, students discover they continue to reap rewards from their Ohio State investment for many years after graduation. When you consider that Ohio State's tuition and mandatory fees are among the lowest in the Big Ten, what you have is a degree that carries an exceptional return on investment for many families.

Ohio State makes every effort to make a world-class education both accessible and affordable. By taking an innovative approach to accessibility and affordability -- a pillar of Ohio State’s Time and Change strategic plan -- the university has created more pathways to college for more students, providing more opportunities critical for student success.

Ohio State was recently ranked by the Chronicle of Higher Education as first in the nation among flagship universities for efforts to control in-state tuition costs over the last decade.

Access to education

Not everyone follows a traditional path through Ohio State. Some Ohio residents begin at our regional campuses. Other students transfer from other colleges. Military veterans -- most of whom immediately qualify for in-state tuition thanks to the GI Promise -- are welcome to begin or continue their academic careers here. And Ohio State is leading the way in online courses and degrees. The paths may be different for these students, but the result is the same -- the cherished Ohio State degree.

Summer discount

Undergraduate students can take advantage of discounted summer tuition that provides another opportunity to reduce costs by shortening time to degree. In addition to the lower cost, enrolled students can choose among multiple sessions, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks on any campus.

College debt

In an era of rising costs and competition, Ohio State continues to be recognized for its efforts to keep a world-class education within reach of Ohio residents. The Ohio State Tuition Guarantee keeps in-state tuition, mandatory fees, and housing and dining rates flat for four years for each incoming class of new first-year undergraduates on all campuses. Providing certainty about the costs allows Ohio students and families to confidently plan for the future.

In addition, this spring Ohio State will initiate an affordability package that will help students save up to $1.9 million a year. The four-prong initiative eliminates 278 course fees; provides steep discounts on digital textbooks; waives costs when students take additional credit hours to complete their degrees, accept internships or conduct research; and extends in-state tuition to more military families.

Nearly 45 percent of Buckeyes obtain their undergraduate degrees with no debt at all.

Need-based aid

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake is committed to helping to meet the needs of Ohio families and reduce overall student debt. His vision: investing $400 million by 2020 to lower the cost and improve the value of students’ Ohio State education. Through administrative efficiencies and inventive financing strategies, Ohio State has created funding opportunities for thousands of students and families on all campuses.

The President’s Affordability Grant provides up to $2,250 in need-based financial aid to more than 16,000 middle- and lower-income in-state undergraduate students on all campuses.

The Buckeye Opportunity Program supports students from Ohio on all campuses who qualify for a Federal Pell Grant. Each recipient receives enough student financial aid to cover the full cost of undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees. (90 percent of Pell recipients have an annual household income of $50,000 or less.)

Many Pell eligible students have their tuition and mandatory fees covered through a combination of scholarships and federal, state, and institutional grants. For students whose aid falls short, Ohio State’s Buckeye Affordability Grant bridges any gaps.

Land grant mission

Last year more than 1,500 Ohio State graduates were the first in their families to graduate from college. It’s a number we’re proud of, a reflection of Ohio State's long-standing role in providing Ohioans access to a college education.

The Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship, awarded to students who demonstrate both academic merit and financial need, recently was increased in value to provide the full cost of attendance (room, board, books and other costs) for four years. 176 Ohio students are awarded each year, with an attempt made to award two students from each county. That’s 176 students who are on track to graduate debt free.