How to set up your Ohio State login and BuckeyeMail

Follow the directions below to:

  • activate your Ohio State username (lastname.#)
  • create your password
  • set up and check your BuckeyeMail account

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Follow the steps below to activate your Ohio State username (lastname.#) and created a password. Then use these credentials to check your application status and to log into BuckeyeMail (see "How to check BuckeyeMail," below).

  1. Locate your Ohio State username

    We have created a username for you based on your last name: lastname.#. Look for it at the top of your notice of admission letter and on other correspondence from us.

  2. Request an Activation Code

    Go to and click the Activate Now! button. Click I need an Activation Code and follow the prompts. An activation code will be emailed to you at the email address you select.

  3. Activate your username, create a password and set up BuckeyeMail

    When you receive the email with your activation code, return to and click the Activate Now! button again.

    • This time, select I have an Activation Code. Enter your username and the activation code we emailed to you.

    • Follow the instructions to complete the process.

    • In the final step, select "Deliver my email to BuckeyeMail, the university's email service" and submit.

Next, see "How to check BuckeyeMail," below.

If you've already activated your username and created a password (you may have done this as an applicant in order to check your application status), your final step is to set up your BuckeyeMail account so you can check for important info from us about housing, financial aid and more.

Note: IF YOU’VE BEEN ADMITTED, we already set up your BuckeyeMail account. Skip to "How to check BuckeyeMail," below.

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. On the left side of the page, click Change Email Delivery.

  3. Select Create my BuckeyeMail account and submit.

  4. Allow up to 90 minutes for your request to be processed.

  5. Log in at to receive and send email.

What BuckeyeMail is, and why you should check it

BuckeyeMail is Ohio State's email service. Whether you're waiting on an admission decision or you've already been admitted, we'll send certain important emails (about housing and financial aid, for example) to your BuckeyeMail email address. So it's important to check your BuckeyeMail inbox, even if you're not committed to Ohio State yet.

How to check BuckeyeMail

Once you've activated your username and created a password, log into BuckeyeMail at

Log in with your email address:

How often to check BuckeyeMail

Check BuckeyeMail (as well as your personal email) several times a week until school begins, and then daily.

If you forgot your username or password

Go to and follow the directions in the "Current users" box.

BuckeyePass (Duo) authentication

Ohio State requires two-factor authentication when logging in to most services and applications. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to register for BuckeyePass before you can take certain actions (like logging in to accept your admission offer or to accept your financial aid offer). BuckeyePass is powered by Duo Security.

Run into a problem?

If you have issues at any step of this process, contact our IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 or