Who gets in?

What we're looking for

Applicants to The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus are considered for admission on a competitive basis. Our most important charge in Undergraduate Admissions is to select from all applicants a freshman class that exemplifies the best characteristics of The Ohio State University.

We seek students whose application demonstrates that they are prepared for the academic rigor of the Ohio State classroom; who are willing to lead; who see strength in diversity of people and ideas; who seek collaboration when solving problems; and who make use of all opportunities to figure out what kind of impact they want to have in the world.

How we evaluate applications

  • We evaluate each applicant in terms of criteria that measure the merit of academic achievement as well as personal interests, talents, accomplishments and challenges. See the list of criteria below.

  • We review every application we receive. To arrive at the most appropriate admission decision, we thoroughly review each application and all submitted materials.

  • We evaluate each applicant holistically. We don’t select applicants based on any single criterion. All criteria are considered as part of our review of the whole person.

Selectivity and building the class

Ohio State receives applications from many more students than we can admit. In building the class to meet our goals, our admission committee evaluates each applicant against all applicants in that year’s pool.

The holistic and comprehensive process described here allows Undergraduate Admissions and the university to attract an exceptional and diverse incoming class that will be successful at Ohio State, contribute to our campus and graduate with an Ohio State degree.

Criteria of our holistic review, in no particular order.

  • Successful completion of Ohio State's minimum college prep requirements (see table below)

  • High school performance (class rank or GPA), including participation in accelerated programs like Honors, AP and IB; Ohio State does not have minimum requirements for class rank or GPA

  • Standardized test score (ACT or SAT); Ohio State does not have minimum requirements for ACT or SAT scores

    Ohio State has adopted a TEST-OPTIONAL policy for 2022 applicants. Read the Testing FAQs.
  • Ability and desire to contribute to and engage with a diverse campus community

  • Experiences that demonstrate leadership or engaged involvement (e.g., co-curricular activities, work experiences or military service)

  • Status as a first-generation college student

  • Demonstration of outstanding talent in a particular area

  • High school performance if adversely affected by physical, mental or learning environment factors

  • Eligibility for and likelihood of benefiting from organized support services at Ohio State

Minimum college prep requirements

Minimum required Recommended Additional consideration
English4 units
Math3 units4 unitsX
Natural science (with significant lab experience)3 unitsX
Social science2 units3 units
Foreign language2 units of same language3 unitsX
Visual or performing arts1 unit
Plus 1 additional unit in any of the above subjects

Understanding this table

  • Minimum required: Be aware that most admitted students exceed these minimums. See “Student profile” below.

  • Recommended: For these subjects, we find that students who have completed additional units are better prepared for college-level course work.

  • Additional consideration: Success in these areas is a strong indicator of one’s potential to succeed in college. Therefore, students exceeding the minimum curriculum in these subjects are given additional consideration.

Enrollment in your intended major

Once it is determined that you are admissible, you will be considered for enrollment in the college of your intended major. Read about enrollment criteria.

A snapshot of last year’s admitted class

Most exceeded minimum college prep requirements

86% exceeded foreign language requirements
99% exceeded math requirements
88% exceeded natural science requirements

Most ranked in the top of their high school classes

89% ranked in the top quarter
53% ranked in the top 10%

Most performed very well on standardized tests

ACT composite

50% of admitted students scored between 27 and 32
25% scored below 27
25% scored above 32

SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math) 

50% of admitted students scored between 1270 and 1420
25% scored below 1270
25% scored above 1420

ACT and SAT policy

Ohio State has adopted a test-optional policy for 2022 applicants.

Read our Testing FAQs