Answers to 10 most-asked questions

Admitted students want to know:

1. Can I change my major?

That's one of the advantages of attending Ohio State: Over 200+ majors to choose from. If you're rethinking the major you applied to, reach out now to talk with us. We'll review a couple of things, including if the new major has additional requirements. You want to get it changed before scheduling for orientation because the orientation program you're invited to is based on major. However, if you discover you want to change your major at orientation or later, or you want to do more exploration, don't worry — we can accommodate you.   

2. How should I prepare for orientation, and will it be online?

Your orientation program will be online this summer, and you are required to attend (we hope your family will join in, too!). We are busy creating an online experience that will be fun, supportive and highly informative. Plan to be available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EDT) each day of your scheduled program. Here's how to prepare.

3. When should I expect my housing contract?

Your housing contract is sent about three weeks after you pay your acceptance fee. Learn more about all things housing.

4. I have questions about my financial aid offer or scholarships. Who can I reach out to?

For questions about your financial aid offer, look to two great resources: Accepting Aid and our helpful Buckeye Link staff (contact them at or 614-292-0300).

5. How do I know which dining plan to select?

We offer lots of options to suit lots of preferences, but it can make deciding more difficult. To make the best decision for you, follow these six steps.

6. How do I learn about on-campus jobs?

Want to earn some extra cash while in school (and make friends and get some experience, too)? Search the job board.

7. Am I allowed to have a car on campus?

First-year students living in a residence hall are not permitted to purchase a parking permit or bring a vehicle to campus. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances; talk to staff during orientation.

8. Where do I send my AP or IB scores? If I completed college courses in high school, can I get credit?

If you completed AP or IB exams or earned credit through a dual enrollment program like CCP, you may be eligible to receive transfer credit at Ohio State. Get details, including the credit you may be eligible for.

9. If I’m in Honors or Scholars, can I live in a learning community?

Good news: If you're in one of these programs, you're already in a residential community! Honors students live in one of three Honors designated residence halls or another university-approved learning community, and Scholars students live with their designated Scholars community.

10. When will I receive my iPad?

Digital Flagship at Ohio State is a program that gives you the tools and support you need to thrive in a tech-driven world. And this includes an iPad. Since we're shifting to online orientation, we're still finalizing how iPads will be distributed.

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