Our faculty make the grade

Ohio State professors inspire their students. But as they'll tell you, the inspiration goes both ways.

Our students create lasting connections with their professors, who open doors to incredible opportunities at the university, in the city and beyond.

Ohio State faculty are highly involved researchers. But they're also thinking about how to make sure their students learn and gain from that knowledge. They’re good at it, too: U.S. News and World Report ranks our faculty in the top ten for undergraduate teaching at a public university.

Meet four inspiring Ohio State professors

Engineering for the heart

Professor: Krishnaswamy Srinivasan
Academic field: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
College: College of Engineering

“I enjoy teaching undergraduates. It gives me the opportunity to fire up some of them, get them passionate, to get them interested in learning more about the subject matter that I teach them.”


You matter

Professor: Darcy Haag Granello
Academic field: Educational Studies; Director of Ohio State’s Suicide Prevention Program
College: College of Education and Human Ecology

“We take in the best students in the country. … They are amazing. They go change the world. They have changed me. They inspire me. I am absolutely convinced that I have the best job in the world.” 


Raising humans

Professor: Juliet White-Smith
Academic field: Music
College: College of Arts and Sciences

“Yes, I am teaching them how to play, how to be better at their instrument. But I’m also mentoring them … nurturing them. Because they’re going to eventually go out into the world and have to contribute in some way. And their contribution isn’t just about music.”


The hook

Professor: Teresa Burns
Academic field: Equine Internal Medicine
College: College of Veterinary Medicine

“I now have an opportunity to help people like my first mentor helped me learn how to be a veterinarian. And I hope, like a lot of people here, that I get better every day. … I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do that."