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Sport Industry

Degree: BS

Campus: Columbus

College: Education and Human Ecology

Sport industry prepares students for supervisory, leadership and administrative positions in the sport and leisure industry and/or graduate programs in sport humanities, sport management and sport law. It combines social science and humanities disciplines to provide students with the needed theory and practice for entrance into the sport and leisure industry. 

The program informs students of the constantly changing themes, issues and practices that the industry confronts. Students comprehend the social, economic, political and legal issues that contour and shape the development of the industry. The major explores the connections of sport and exercise to the larger society, its historical settings and meanings, its ethical underpinnings, and its racial, gender and social class composition.

Upon admission to the university, students are enrolled into the College of Education and Human Ecology as a pre-major. After completion of the major admission requirements, students are automatically placed in the major. For major admission, students are required to complete 12 credit hours and attain a 2.75 GPA.

This program provides students with the theory and practice needed for entrance into the sport and leisure industry. Students take courses in legal aspects of sport and physical activity, organization and administration of public recreation, and sport and leisure service delivery and promotion.

Sample curriculum

Freshman Year: 
History of Sport in 19th Century America    

Sophomore Year: 
History of Sport in 20th Century America    
The Sport Industry     
Leadership and Programming in the Sports Industry    
College Sports    
Coaching the Young Athlete    
Women’s Sport History    

Junior Year: 
Sport Marketing and Promotion    
Sport and Pop Culture    
Legal Aspects of Sport    
Sport and Social Values    
Sport and Sexuality    

Senior Year: 
Research: Sport Industry    
Elective courses
Group A option courses
Group B option courses

Travel to Milan and Barcelona for an introduction to the European model of sport management, marketing and law. In this education abroad program, students gain an understanding of the changing context of sports in a global society. Find out more information at

The Global Option in Education and Human Ecology is an option for students in good academic standing on any Ohio State campus. In this program, students develop their ability to communicate with and work alongside individuals from other cultures through education abroad programs and globally themed course work.

The College of Education and Human Ecology Honors Program offers students rigorous course work and opportunities to work closely with faculty to design and complete a research project. Students in this program also have access to smaller classes, priority scheduling and unique housing opportunities.

The Ohio State Scholars programs feature close-knit, residential communities for students who share common interests. Sport industry students may find the Sport and Wellness Scholars Program to be a good fit with their interests.

The Sports and Society Initiative is an organization that provides people with opportunities to talk about contemporary issues in sports and how they relate to society. It also provides access to events and activities related to sports.

Careers include collegiate/professional sports marketing, entrepreneurship, fitness management, goods/services/sales and marketing, recreational sports, and entry level positions in sports organizations. Students also have the desire to pursue graduate opportunities such as business or law upon graduation from the sport industry program.

On average, the starting salary for a sport industry graduate ranges from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on the student's career field.