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Atmospheric Sciences

Degree: BS

Campus: Columbus

College: Arts and Sciences

The atmosphere affects people in a number of ways. Blizzards snarl transportation and affect utilities. Floods threaten life and infrastructure. Droughts reduce agricultural production, and heat waves cause the demand for electricity to spike. Hail and high winds damage property and increase insurance rates. Even sunshine can increase the formation of haze and smog. In addition, climate change may alter the severity and location of all these events. Understanding the processes that cause these weather events is critical in our daily lives as well as in industry. 

Students admitted to the university enroll directly in the atmospheric sciences program. 

Atmospheric sciences course work:

  • calculus and analytic geometry
  • physics
  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics 
  • Microclimatology: Boundary Layer Climatology
  • Synoptic Meteorology: Synoptic Analysis and Forecasting
  • Microclimatological Measurements
  • Dynamic Meteorology

Students may consider joining the Meteorology Club. Each year the club hosts several professional and social events, in addition to its frequent meetings. Meetings include speakers and major-related field trips. The club provides the opportunity for students to learn more about the meteorological field as a whole through its Annual Severe Weather Symposium. Past social events include bowling, miniature golf, Magic Mountain, and pizza and video game nights.

Students may also join the Scarlet and Gray Forcasting Team. Weekly meetings allow members to gain experience by creating weather forcasts for the Columbus campus area.

Graduates are well prepared for additional study at the graduate level. The major also prepares students for a career as a weather forecaster. Graduates will fulfill all of the Federal Civil Service requirements for meteorologist positions and will qualify for meteorology positions in the National Weather Service, the Federal Aviation Administration or any other federal agency. 

The atmospheric sciences major also is sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of undergraduates who are interested in careers in broadcast meteorology, climatic research, environmental monitoring, forensic meteorology, applications development and the military.

Department of Geography
1036 Derby Hall 
154 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210

Twister, the Ohio State University Weather Server, provides real-time meteorological data for educational and informational uses. 

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