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Culinary Science

Degree: BS

Campus: Columbus

College: Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Culinary science combines the creativity of culinary arts with food science into a fun and exciting program. Culinary scientists are a part of the nation’s largest industry and culinary science is a valuable course of study for students. The culinary science program at Ohio State is designed to build on an associate degree in culinary arts from an accredited institution. 

A prospective student interested in culinary science should complete an associate degree in culinary arts and then transfer to Ohio State.

For admission to Ohio State without a culinary degree, students may declare a major in pre-culinary science and directly enroll into the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. It is only upon completion of an associate degree in culinary arts that a student is considered a culinary science major.

One-on-one advising by faculty is a hallmark of the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Each culinary science student is assigned a faculty advisor from the Department of Food Science Technology.

The curriculum of the culinary science program at Ohio State emphasizes culinary creativity. Students round out their culinary experience with general education classes at Ohio State and add to their understanding of food production with classes such as Food Quality Assurance and Food Additives. Students will also be able to apply their culinary knowledge to food science classes such as Food Product Development and Food Processing. 

Each student is required to complete an internship to gain hands-on, practical experience in the food industry. Juniors and seniors work part time or over the summer in industry jobs and earn money and credit for the learning experience. Faculty advisors, the Food Science Club, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' Career Development Center provide many opportunities to help students find the right internship.

Culinary science students are a valuable addition to product development teams that create new products. These teams have been very successful at the National Institute of Food Technologists competitions. 

Additionally, the Food Science Club, Citation Needed and Know Food Waste provide excellent opportunities to meet others with common interests and develop leadership and networking skills. These clubs often hosts representatives from food companies, many of whom are alumni, that recruit students for internships and job opportunities. Both organizations are open to both undergraduate and graduate students who share experiences (academic and professional), interact with faculty, create social events and have fun.

Culinary scientists have global, national and local career opportunities in many facets of the food industry. They develop new foods and flavors for food processors, restaurants and caterers to name a few. The combination of culinary arts and food science uniquely trains culinary scientists to succeed in both realms of artistically creating new foods and flavors along with making it possible to produce those foods for a larger population. Graduates of the program are employed all over the United States and around the world by restaurants and food and beverage companies.