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Science, Technology and Environment Exploration

Campus: Columbus

Program: University Exploration

Undecided students interested in comparing theoretical and applied sciences, exploring ways to make our environment and natural resources more sustainable, and in learning how humans interact with these fields will find science, technology and environment exploration to be an excellent choice. Students begin taking math and science courses appropriate for their interests and work with advisors to prioritize which courses should be taken for specific majors within the STEM fields.

Sample majors

  • majors in the biological and physical sciences
  • engineering
  • entomology
  • environmental science
  • mathematics

Students in University Exploration focus primarily on general education course work, prerequisite courses for competitive majors, and courses to explore majors when they are appropriate and suggested by an academic advisor. Working closely with academic advisors, students maintain degree progress and stay on track for a timely graduation.

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Exploration Program

352 Denney Hall

164 Annie & John Glenn Ave.

Columbus, OH 43210


Science, technology and environment exploration is one of six meta-majors in University Exploration.