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African American and African Studies

Degree: BA

Campus: Columbus

College: Arts and Sciences

The African American and African studies major informs students about the social, political, psychological, historical and intellectual experiences of Africans and their descendants throughout the world. 

The African American and African studies program at Ohio State encourages students to critically examine the role of race in society through a variety of disciplines within the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our curriculum promotes an intersectional perspective, emphasizing how race relates to class, gender and sexuality, nationality, ethnicity and other social structures on a global scale.

Core Courses (four required courses, 12 credit hours)

  • AFAMAST 2201: Major Readings in African American and African Studies
  • AFAMAST 3310: Global Perspectives on the African Diaspora
  • AFAMAST 3440: Theorizing Race and Ethnicity
  • AFAMAST 4921: Intersections

Elective Courses (six elective courses, 18 credit hours)

  • Of the 18 credit hours, 9 (or three courses) must be at the 4000-level
  • The remaining 9 credit hours must be 2000-level or above

Students majoring in African American and African studies may choose to specialize in one of the following four areas of concentration:

  • Representation and performance
  • Social issues, community development and public service
  • Histories, cultures, languages and literatures
  • Race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality

African American and African studies students can participate in the program's study abroad program in southern Africa.

Graduates of the African American and African studies program are prepared for careers in higher education, law, public health, urban planning, social work and other fields that value an intersectional perspective and a broad background in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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Students can put theory into practice and work with local social service agencies through our service learning course. Students can also volunteer at the African American and African Studies Community Extension Center, located off campus in Mount Vernon, a historically black neighborhood on the east side of Columbus.