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International Business

Degree: BS

Campus: Columbus

College: Business

International business is the study of business transactions that cross national boundaries. It includes the study of international trade in tangible and intangible goods and commodities; the study of banking, insurance, marketing and other international service transactions; and the analysis of direct and portfolio investments made outside the domestic market. Transactions of both private and public entities are studied with a special focus on the operations of multinational corporations.

International business involves all functional business areas and explores how these functions are impacted by expanding beyond the national area. Particular emphasis is placed on the challenges presented by different socio-cultural, political and economic environments.

Students admitted to the Columbus campus are also admitted directly to the Fisher major program and the international business specialization.

International business studies are interdisciplinary in nature and are frequently combined with functional business studies or geographical area studies. A knowledge of, or interest in, history, political science, economics, law, geography, sociology, psychology or anthropology is also useful. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages is also encouraged above the minimum requirements. 

Principles courses

Accounting Principles
Economics Principles

Core courses

Business Skills and Environment
Business Law
International Business
Management Sciences
Management and Human Resources
Strategic Management

Required major courses

Cross-Cultural Management
Advanced International Business
International business administration courses
Foreign language courses

The Office of Global Business provides Fisher students with a variety of options where they can put classroom theories into action in compelling international locations and learn through experience. Employers value the diverse background that global experiences provide and list "strategic international understanding" and "cross-cultural experience" as two of the most desirable employee traits.

Though internships are not required for business students, 95 percent of students registered with the Office of Career Management have some kind of internship experience before they graduate. Many students receive an offer of full-time employment from their internship employer. 

Honors students majoring in business, have the option of applying for and participating in one of four Honors programs (Accounting Honors, Finance Honors, Honors Cohort, Honors Immersion) or an Honors research project. Each option provides the opportunity to graduate with a diploma designation.

Entering freshman admitted to University Honors will be invited to apply to the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program and the Business Honors Learning Community.

The Business Scholars Program is a community of talented students that participate in programs and activities designed to offer insight into business practice and environment. Business Scholars learn to understand the vital role of collaboration through teambuilding, leadership training and workshops. Additionally, Business Scholars can develop partnerships with Fisher College of Business faculty and alumni.

The International Business Club (IBC) provides MBA and undergraduate students with opportunities to meet, interact and learn through events focused on international business and/or international locations and cultural themes. The organization also facilitates the integration of international and exchange students into the Fisher community and the interaction of foreign and domestic students in a social environment.

The IBC is also the voice for students who wish to promote integration of international topics and courses into the curriculum of the Fisher College of Business.

In addition, students pursuing international business administration may also participate in AIESEC, an international organization dedicated to global management and leadership development. It offers members contacts and training in national and international businesses in the United States and 64 other countries.

International business studies should be undertaken in conjunction with a strong functional program. While international business specialists are increasingly attractive to many firms, most entry-level positions are in the functional business areas.

International business specialists have traditionally been employed by larger, international firms, but there are growing opportunities in smaller firms moving into international markets, in banks and financial institutions, and in companies providing assistance to importers and exporters. International business specialists are also employed by the Department of Commerce; the U.S. Import Export Bank; and other federal, state, local and international agencies specializing in the areas of trade and economic development. Positions frequently include the opportunity to work on assignment overseas.

Many students graduating from international business programs also continue their training in graduate programs in law and business. For students looking to complete PhD programs, there are colleges and universities in need of professors to teach the various international business courses.

Beginning salaries for international business professionals in 2018-2019 averaged $51,438 depending on applicants' training, education and experience.

At graduation, Fisher College of Business graduates: 

  • Will posses strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and critically assess problems facing contemporary businesses
  • Will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of human resources
  • Will possess a global perspective and can critically eval­uate the international context a contemporary business operates in
  • Can identify and assess ethical issues surrounding business decisions
  • Are able to work effectively in a team-based environment
  • Can demonstrate professional deportment and effective oral and written communication skills

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Fisher College of Business was ranked 15th in the nation for Best Undergrad Business Schools (U.S. News & World Report, 2020).

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